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The Value of Retirement and Investment Advice

What does your retirement look like? Are you relying on family and friends to take care of you? What if you do not have any family or friends left to take care of you? Investing in retirement to secure your retirement is very important. Retirement and investment advice can be found almost anywhere. In fact, you can find it all over the television, on the internet and in magazines, newspapers and books; however, retirement and investment advice that lacks financial expertise is of no use. Retirement planning is one of the hardest fiscal challenge that you may face because the main objective is to do it right so that your golden years can be lived financially stress free. Obtaining professional financial advice is therefore valuable. Is obtaining professional finance advice expensive? Certainly Not!

Get Set for Life

At Get Set for Life, we offer reliable and affordable financial advice that is available to everyone. We help you with these three main aspects of your retirement planning. 

Establish a target goal

One of the most important aspects of retirement planning is knowing how much you will need in retirement. We are here to help you make an estimate of approximate how much money you will need in your retirement.

Assess your current situation

Having established a target goal, we will proceed to assess your current situation and how well you are doing. We will examine how much you already have saved up so we can assist and guide you further.


Make a retirement plan

Having assessed your current situation and knowing where you stand and how much you will need in retirement, we then make a retirement plan for you in which we will clearly outline different retirement and investment options that you should consider.

Calculate How Much You Need

If you would like to have a quick estimate of how much you would need for retirement and what the return on your investment will be, you can use our retirement calculator. It will provide you with a quick estimate of what you need and if you are on the right track based on the information that you have input. Our calculator does not only tell you if you would have enough money to ensure that your retirement is secured and happy but will also help you to see if you need to start saving more. In order to make some basic estimates for you, you will need to provide us with some basic information. It is important that the information that you provide us with is accurate otherwise the output may not be accurate. Please do remember that our online retirement calculators only provide estimates. We therefore strongly urge you to get in touch with one of our financial advisers to get information that is based on YOUR needs.

Your Retirement Checklist

At what age do you plan on retiring?

What are your currently daily living expenses and do you expect them to be the same in retirement?

What are your current debts and would you have repaid them before retirement?

What additional extras such as vacations and hobbies do you plan on partaking in during retirement and how much will they cost?

What are your retirement goals and how will you fund them?

How much income will you expect from your retirement plan?

Do you have existing investments or savings that will generate an income?


The advice that their financial advisers provided with me was clear and well-presented ensuring that I thoroughly understood the pros and cons of the investment options that they provided me with. I am very satisfied with the professional financial advice provided and would recommend them to anyone.
Steven A. Ulibarri


Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about our services.

This company has acted as my financial adviser for almost two years now. Within that time, they have given me sound and realistic advice and have made me aware of the different investment opportunities after carefully assessing my situation.
Shelley R. Briscoe

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